Thursday, 29 November 2018


This is our extension DLO.

Limerick poems

One day a person named Austin’
Liked making cotton very often’
He went into a fight’
With a guy that gave him a fright’
So he fought until he was filled with exhaustion’
And made friends with the guy that was actually called norton.

there was a guy named fry’
That really liked to lie’
Suddenly he fell into a hole’
And met a talking mole’
But then got dust in his eye’
And his eye started to cry’

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Animation voice-over

Thousands of years a ancient tribe existed with three people one of them was a brave fierce warrior the next one was creative and liked making things the last one was smart and made survival tools. They were the greatest tribe in the valley, one day they found some footprints and they figured that they were mammoth footprints so they were a little bit scared but they got their weapons and went to battle. The mammoth was tough and it dogged and blocked the spear but got hit by the sharp sticks so the creative one shot an arrow into the wall and cracked it making the boulder on top of the cliff and fell. It broke, and inside was a broken sharp bone so the leader took it and threw it at the mammoth and it died bleeding every were then the spear fell and the leader grabbed the spear and used it to cut the mammoth’s head off. Two thousand years later a man walks into the animal exhibit and and found a coin, he went to the mammoth skull and said “wow it’s an actual mammoth skull, I wonder how hard it was to get it.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Keyhole Narrative Part 2( A journey of three heroes)

Intro: Blackout 

It happened one dark misty morning when people across the town were still fast asleep. Between 5 and 6 in the morning, a mysterious figure unleashed a terrible havoc that darkened the world with beasts as big as houses. This is a tale of three heroes who set off on a journey to stop the darkness that had covered the world. There was Striker, a heroic and brave knight, Dasher, a strong monster with the power to roar and make the valleys next to the town echo and Hellcast, an elemental mage who could create fire and ice from the elements and create tornados with a simple potion.

Chapter one: The first battle

The three heroes saw the darkness from their window. Hellcast teleported out of the house, while Striker took a running start and crashed through the window. Dasher roared so loudly that the house tumbled down around him before he walked off dramatically. Before escaping their broken and run down town filled with monsters, they had to make sure the people could escape. They battled and crushed all the monsters, slaying them to protect the people. Hellcast created a potion and threw it at a group of monsters, a huge gust of wind shot them up into the sky before they fell to the ground and died. To stop the darkness, Hellcast remembered long before he had travelled to the centre of Inamorta he searched the place and discovered a dark essence, he didn’t think big about it so he just past it.Of a place often called by people as no man’s land. He told his friends they would need to go there but would need to teleport to the top of the biggest mountain to locate a map that would show them the centre of the destruction, where the darkness had come from.

Chapter two: Entry to no man’s land

As they were walking, to keep themselves entertained they told stories to one another of what they had heard about the place known as no man’s land. Striker told them “I’ve been told that giants lived there.” Dasher said “People that go there are never seen again.” Hellcast’s story was connected to theirs, but even more terrible, he heard that people that went there would turn into ferocious and untameable giants. They really enjoyed the things they heard and before they knew it they had arrived at their destination when they bumped into a gigantic door. They took a few steps back to see how gigantic the door and it was ginormous. They wondered if they were in no man’s land or not, so they turned around and saw a sign that pointed to the door. Etched in scary writing were the words no man’s land. The three heroes gulped, they all thought ‘This is it, they had arrived.’

Chapter three: In and out: 

Hellcast created a door in the giant door and went through it, they looked at their surroundings and saw nothing dangerous. They all thought it was peaceful and quiet with only mountains closeby until they heard loud footsteps getting louder and louder. They looked up and saw a giant about to step on them, Hellcast quickly teleported them on top of the mountain, luckily it was the right mountain they needed, as they saw the map and quickly grabbed it but they were surrounded by giants. The three friends had to think fast and so they jumped on to the giants heads and used a levitating spell to stay in the air while Hellcast created a spell that stunned the giants. While the giants were stunned, the heroes got to the ground safely and ran as fast as they could before the spell on the giants wore off, but it was too late. The giants stomped causing the ground to shake and rip open a hole in the ground and the three friends tripped and fell into the hole landing in the disgusting and slimey sewer. 

Chapter four: Sewers and mountains

When they landed all they could smell was a rotten stink coming from every direction, so they started investigating and saw light coming from a sturdy pipe, so they walked over and crawled into the pipe becoming annoyed as the smelling stink got worse. uncomfortable when they came out all they saw was even more sewage. At last, after a lot of exploring and walking, the three buddies finally found another opening, hoping that it was the right way out, they checked it out. What they saw was a different place with snow in the background. They were relieved as they smelled fresh and cold air. Finally they were close to the mountain top, but all of a sudden, they got dragged away by a huge slimey and gooey foe, unexpectedly, the sewage started rising higher flowing in the beasts direction. While that was happening, the monster opened its mouth swallowing everything, so Striker threw his spare sword in the monster's mouth, defeating the beast. Out of the corner of his eye, Striker saw a giant ladder. The three friends started to climb. Escaping the sewers they arrived at the foot of the mountain and saw a pulley. They hopped on and pulled themselves to the top of the mountain where they met a strange person behind a tree. The three heroes asked him about the darkness and he responded that he would only take them to the center of Inamorta if they retrieved the golden skull buried in Graveyard tomb. Where is Graveyard tomb? Dasher asked, but before he got an answer, the stranger teleported them to the undead castle. 

Chapter five: The rise of the undead 

Outside the castle, skeletons raised up from the ground and started attacking. Dasher came up with a plan, he would wait for all the skeletons to rise up and take them all out with a single roar, all they needed to do was defend themselves for a little while. As soon as they figured out that all of the skeletons had risen, Dasher roared aggressively, blowing away the army of skeletons, scattering all their bones. Dasher grinned “I guess you could say they were blown away by my killer act” as he started laughing, a sound as loud as thunder struck and the air fell silent, then Dasher said “Come on, my joke wasn’t that bad.” The three friends headed past the castle to look for the golden skull. They had found themselves in Gravestone tomb and before they knew it, they were surrounded again by skeletons and zombies rising up from the ground. They started battling the undead, breaking skeletons and slicing the zombies. As the battle ended, rumbling sounds started shaking the ground and out came a giant version of Frankenstein’s monster from the ground. Frankenstein’s monster started smashing all the graves destroying the grave that the golden skull was hidden in so Striker and Hellcast distracted Frankenstein’s monster while Dasher ran to grab the gold skull. Hellcast teleported himself and his friends back to the Mountain tops and went in. 

Chapter six: Battle against a final foe

They stepped through the portal and came back to the stranger, giving him the golden skull. The stranger thanked them, drawing a surge of power to teleport them to the center of Inamorta. So off the three heroes went, to complete their journey. They scurried through a giant tunnel finding themselves in a giant valley. The sunset lit the area around them creating a great background. In the background was a floating island with an old house with huge sturdy gears and on top was a mysterious figure smiling above. The three heroes were creeped out by him, all of a sudden he started attacking, making gears appear out of thin air. With gears racing towards them, they had to dodge the gears and suddenly machines appeared from behind them and started to break an entrance by crashing through the walls of the tunnel so the heroes ran forward jumping on some floating platforms to land on top of the floating island. The mysterious figure created a bright blast from nowhere and knocked Dasher and Hellcast off the island back down into the tunnel. There was now only the mysterious figure and Striker, the mysterious figure said “You’ll never win, the only way to stop the darkness is if someone gives their soul to the machine.” Striker was heartbroken when he figured out what he had to do, but he wanted to save his friends and the world so he went into the machine and gave his soul to it. A big explosion blacked out the world for a few seconds and then suddenly, all the darkness and monsters disappeared. Dasher and Hellcast ran to the machine, only to be thrown back instantly, shaking their heads, they looked up…….and saw Striker.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Friday, 2 November 2018

My That really stinks recount blog post

One day Sam was playing a fart app on his sister’s phone in the bathroom but what he didn’t notice was a tentacle monster that came out of the toilet and grabbed the phone and tickled him so he would let go then it escaped back in the toilet so Sam followed him into the sewers and founded his lair.As Sam approached the lair he saw the monster and it gave the phone to the monster family, so Sam threw a rock and the monsters put down the phone and went to the rock and Sam quickly grabbed the phone and ran away as fast as he could but the monster spotted him and chased him on the crocodiles and just when he was about to get to the entrance he jumped up and landed on the monsters head and jumped to the sewage pipe and climbed out saving Sam’s sister’s phone.

Back to the drawing board

Wednesday, 24 October 2018


 This is our dmic blogpost that we worked as a team

Recount earliest memory

Five years ago my grandpa took my cousin and me to disneyland I think on an airplane because he wanted to hang out with us.
When we got there,we got to go on rides like the merry go round and the tea cups,beside the merry go round there was a bronze sword in a sturdy block of stone, I didn’t really think I was gonna pull it out with my small hands but I tried any way. My grandpa wanted to help but it wouldn't budge, since I didn’t take it out my cousin wanted to try so she did but it didn’t come out. After that we got hungry so our grandpa took us to the supermarket, my cousin and me went in the trolly well our grandpa pushed us. We got some food to eat and we sat on the bench, after a long day we went on the teacups again well getting to see fireworks coming out from the castle.

Thursday, 18 October 2018


 On subtraction I kinda found it easy until the gold question.

My recount when I felt scared

Four years ago on February my mom took me to my first day of school to learn more and to make new friends also because I finished my preschool but I was so nervous to go so I stalled as much as I could.
  When we got there, we walked up to my class and I was just going back and forth next to the door not ready to go to class, but my mom just opened it and I take two steps in and I was so scared, so my mom told me to introduce myself I said “hi my name is Austin and i'm 5 years old” except I probably said the pronouncing wrong and I said it so shakedly like I was freezing cold. 
The next person that I remember seeing was Tonga he introduced himself to me and it made me feel a bit better about being there then the other students did the same it made me feel really happy. 
Hours later I started to make friends with them like Tonga and Cree-ann and when it was the end of school I ran up to my mom when she was there and said”I had such a great day. 
Now remembering it, it was one of the most rememberable day’s of my life.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Dmic question

 This is our first dmic question for this term and in it Tipelio,Casshius and me worked together as a team and we got it done.  

My animation plan (kinda)

 This is my animation plan

Maths addition

   This is my first maths task for this term

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

My term 4 blog intro

Talofa lava followers on my blog. Todays name for the term is art so we're gonna be learning about art based stuff like we're gonna learn about creating art with detail,shades,frames and multiple lines. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS TERM CAUSE I LOVE ART ITS SO FUN. Mostly cause I find it satisfying and relaxing. Stuff I know about art is because a lot of the time I draw and watch videos that inspire me to draw and help me draw. The things that our going to hold me back are The start of the terms work. I think staying focused could help me. My goals are to stay at the levels where I am and get things done so past things don't hold me back. My teachers could help me to understand the hard stuff. Maybe this term would be a bit easy because the terms topic is interesting to me. This term I feel a bit nervous since it’s the last term but also it’s exciting. 

Thursday, 27 September 2018

dmic 2 (last week) (UPDATE) 3

This task was very similar to the one before because are task was another puzzle deejay was our leader and we went to look for the messages by looking at the first one. all the messages were hidden under spots in an 8 by 8 grid. We followed the first message onto the second onto the second one and then when we got all of them we were wandering what letters to put in order but after some time later we figured it out and the secret message it was RESPECT.It was actually pretty easy besides trying to figure out the message.

 Here's a video explaining what happened and at the end the computer ended for no reason but what the rest I was gonna say was we glued the messages in the book in the order that said respect and then we were done :).
This is the grid. Yes I know it's bad.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Multiplication task

 When you go on to the golden question don't bother asking what the thing on the left is, it's just apart of my working but its to hard to explain. Please tell me the actual answer if i'm wrong.

Subtraction task

 Same from last post got enough time to do some maths :D.

Addition task

 Today I finally got spare time to do some maths and this was my first assignment. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Designing a sport 2

You will need a Hockey stick,golf ball,hockey gear and ice skates.You can play On an icy area with lots of obstacles and a long lasting ice bit. Their must be 1-10 people or teams 2-6 with the same amount of people.It shows competition to skate to the end well keeping your ball with your hockey stick and you can't lose the golf ball well dodging obstacles.its cooperative ts teams you have friends to help along if one person's in trouble. Instructions >1. Have an opponent or an team to play against 2.go on an icy setting with obstacles 3.skate and keep your golf ball 4. The first one to get the ball to the end wins. The objective of the game is that The players have to have their stuff to get to the other side and they need to skate on the ice well dodging stuff like rocks or broken ice or cracked holes in the icy ground. You have to stay as a team if you choose to have a team you must help each other and you must not lose each other. If one person from the team gets to the finish line they win but if one of their teammates gets far away or touche one of the obstacles it doesn't count.If its a tie do rock paper siccors.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

dmic blog post

*sigh* this is our previous work it looks like this because we were thinking of restarting and using a new one but then ... well lets just say that we couldn't use it and it took so long because the text was useless all it said was (here's the code to the message) and it looks like this because since we were restarting tepileo thought we wouldn't need it.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

My move ya body animation

This is my animation an at the start it showed that I tried to make it really detailed but it was week 6 and I only had 14 pages so I had to make it less detailed still they had lots of body parts move able.                                                                                                                                                             

Thursday, 13 September 2018

The red ball

Today I red the book for today called the red ball. I wouldn't want to be interested in this story cause of fairy's in it but stuff like  adventure that's in this book and action I like, not much of it though.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

How the digestive system works

Designing a sport

You will need this stuff to play it (20-2 medium sized cardboard boxes, a Paintbrush with some paint, some rope, a ball, a number of balloons to lift the box, something sharp to pop the balloon, oh and also another ball that can fit in your pocket or hand). You can play it Basically anywhere that you’re allowed to play in and has good or interesting hiding places, but it has to be possible to find it.You should have 2-4 Teams with players that can have at least 10 players or under. The game is cooperative because you need to find the boxes working as a team. It’s challenging because you need to keep the ball to stay in while playing. The instructions are 1. Each player has a cardboard box with a painted symbol and their teams colour.
2. Hide the boxes properly plus, if you want, attach balloons to them with rope to make them float and if you need to balance it put a small ball like a hand ball in it to weigh it3. The team needs to find each other’s teams boxes and they need to keep a small ball in their pocket, it must stay with you and if you lose it or someone steals it you’re out.
4.Whichever players that still have their balls in their hands and gets all the boxes first Wins and gets some juice boxes. The objective is that Each player has a cardboard box with a painted symbol and their teams colour plus, if you want, you can attach balloons to it with rope and if you need to balance it, put a small ball like a hand ball inside it to weigh it down. Then the team needs to find the other teams boxes and they need to keep a small ball in their pocket, it must stay with you and if you lose it or someone steals it you’re out. Whichever players still have their balls in their hand or pocket and gets all the boxes first wins and gets some juice boxes. :D.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

My animation voiceover

This term were learning about movement and health and its called move ya body. I have showed me and my team playing rugby league I just decided it cause I play it. My animation shows me and my team getting fit playing a game of rugby league with lots of body parts movable because in rugby league you need your limbs like your legs to run, arms to tackle and to hold the ball and a body in case you fall. It's important to make lots of body parts. In a nutshell my animation shows me playing rugby league with some of my team.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Dmic 1

This is our dmic work and I think we did pretty well by understanding it  didn't get much done though.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

dmic 2

This is our working its a tree diagram we WERE SO NOT CLOSE TO EVEN FINISHING anyways since we didn't finish we don't have a answer.

My peep hole naritive


Ch1. a dark presence

On one day a portal opened up in the sky and coming out of there was a black gooey void falling from it started to suck up all the joy and colour of everybody and when all the joy was sucked out of the people they were all moody and dark and of course they had no colour. A couple of days later a man named professor farts a

lot saw through his peephole on his lab door and what he saw was chaos so he decided to make a super human of colour to stop the dark and evil void he named it Roy.

Ch2. some good news and bad news

Weeks later he finished it but just when he finished it a evil void creature came in his lab and caught professor fart a lot after the void went off a kid found professors lab he looked and accidentally switched.
Today I worked with Luisa to fix my writing up she just red it but since I haven't finished there was nothing she could change. I haven't had enough time. Promise i'll finish it

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Dmic 1

This is our dmic question and above that this was our working I tried thinking of another way but I couldn't think straight for some reasons and in the end we obviously we got it wrong. Hope next time we can get it right

task one reading blood sugar

Friday, 17 August 2018

Arthur Lydiard and Peter Snell comparison and incomparison

Writing narrative NOT FINISHED

Ch 1. A mysterious capture 

On one fine sunny day when everybody was enjoying themselves, in the avengers tower they were making jokes. Outside the avengers tower was a robber trying to steal money from a bank and captain america spotted the robber and he warned the avengers so they went outside to capture the robber but when they saw him he was already captured but no one saw who captured him. After a day all they could think or talk was about who captured the robber.

Ch 2. A helpful hand vs a vengeful destroyer

Well on one good side the avengers found the hero that captured the robber his name was Acer and his hero name was the onix he made these cool gadgets inspired from the avengers

Well they start fighting each other and the avengers get some more heroes to come along and they start beating the villain but then the bad guy sends more bad guys start coming and they start knocking out the heroes

deadlock comes up to one of the heroes but then that hero trips him and blasts him out of existence and then he gets this button thing that was in his pockets and presses it then it disables all the bad guys

They are not finished and some sentences are not 

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

My dmic

This is our dmic working I thought we were gonna be right but we were COMPLETELY WRONG no time to finish

Friday, 10 August 2018

My reading task


Hauora is a Maori word that describes a person’s overall health and well-being. The four dimensions of hauora are often displayed as the four walls of a whare, which provides stability and strength.

The four dimensions are: Physical well-being or health,mental well-being,social well-being and spiritual well-being, these four dimensions can show a person's health. Mental and physical health can mean your overall health and the other ones I forgot what those mean.

In conclusion, Hauora is a Maori word that can show a person’s health and well-being. The four dimensions of hauora can be often displayed as the four walls of a whare. 
The reason why its so short is because I didn't get enough time.

My video for my task

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Dmic working

This is our dmic work and today sadly I think our answer a bit of right and a bit of wrong from how they were teaching us. I bet next time we can get the answer right FULLY this time.

Friday, 3 August 2018

My animation plan

My dictation writing

Hauora is a maori word that describes a person’s overall health and well-being. The four dimensions of hauora are often displayed as the four walls of a whare, which provides stability and strength. We did are dictation writing and this is it, and the blue is what I had to work on and the black is what I aready did.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

My dmic

On Monday we did our dmic thing and this is it. In our group we are working on all trying our best and focusing. Tipelio put some useful information on as well. My goal is to keep getting the answer right.

Friday, 27 July 2018

My move ya body writing

On the first day back to school we had immersion assembly and watched movies about this term well also learning stuff as well and our name for inquiry for this term was Move Ya body and what team 4 did for there movie it showed them doing fake athletics stuff and showed them making up a game called spoon hokey. the reason why we had immersion assembly is so we knew how to start the term. What I think we're gonna do this term is learning about movement and were gonna do lots of fitness, im glad that were gonna do lots of fitness to improve our health but im also nervous for all the test things. I already know about this term that were gonna do lots of things to do with movement,the words that I know about this term is strength,energy,hydration and movement.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Imerssion assembly planning

Dmic problems

Yesterday we did our dmic task and this is it right there on the top there's also something I want to tell you when we were gonna show our answers she told Oalii group to go first and the teacher said her answer was six - hundred and the teacher said it was right and then well we were tidying up for lunch I said to the teacher "is my answer right" and she said "no wait yes it's right" then I said "so was Oail's answer wrong" and she said "yes". The even funnier thing was that Oail was standing next to us and she was like WHAT. Also the annoying part was I was the only one working.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

My term two extension refliction

This term we have been doing lots of research and lots of movie making and most of all we had lots of fun. At the stars of the term we were put into to groups I was in the future creators with toby and Amira, I looked on future fuels toby looked on future aircraft Amira looked at future sea and land transport. A few weeks later we got to go to the museum!!!!, when we got over there we got look at some really cool stuff and we also got to make stuff to but sadly my mum had to pick me up early because of something important. When I got back to extension I looked at the types of fuels there are and putting up pictures of future fuels. Well I was nearly finished it m’s Lagitupu gave us a new task the talanoa project, when we got into groups we started making our movies and when we finished making it I put that on my blog and before that I went to the forty hour famine. After I finished everything I started doing what i'm doing right now.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Glider competion

Yesterday in the morning we did our glider competition and we threw our gliders in turns, sadly I was the last one cause my glider was bad I think it's cause it had to much weight.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Friday, 15 June 2018

Fia fia recount

On Thursday at 5:30 the hole school was going to have Fia fia in the field and everybody was excited to perform. First we went to our group classes to get changed into to our performance cloths then we all lined up and went to the Fia fia. Well we followed the bright yellow line we went on the super big mat and waited for our turn in the cold windy outside well watching the other performance. Later on it started raining but Mr Burt kept on because he knew we were tough but some people got really cold and other people were wearing blankets and sharing. After minutes of waiting waiting it was finally our turn and we went into the waiting line thingy, I was so nervous but also I was excited as soon as I knew it it was our turn and as I got I heard so much cheering that made me feel less nervous. As the music started we all started dancing and I was feeling so sweaty while we were dancing and when our performance ended I was relieved and the I went to the hall and went back home.

My sky high crossword

this is my sky high crossword and the words are from my book you can do it by either dragging it off my blog and put it on your comp or do it on a piece of paper.

Matariki day

On Friday the whole pt England was going into different classes to do fun Matariki activities to celebrate matariki. First we had assembly to talk about the cool stuff of Matariki and to do the regular stuff that we do in a normal assembly, also Mr Burt told us what would be different that day. When we got back Ms West told which class we go into and I went into room 18 with Deejay and some other kids from different classes. When we got there we started coloring in these paper feathers but we had to stop because it was morning tea. When morning tea finished we finished off our feathers we then made these pattern mats and as soon as I finished it was lunch time. After lunch time we then showed all the cool stuff that we made on the stage and then we went home.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

40 Hour Famine

Last Friday night at 6:30 at Pt England school the Extension people, myself and some other people went to the 40 hour famine sleepover. We played lots of fun games and we watched a movie. It was kind of hard because the only things that we could eat was barley sugars, just juice and water but besides that it was a lot of fun.

Extension project: DLO Pollution Term 1

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Animation task


Today we had to show what we can write when we have 40 minutes to write without talking to others. we were able to work quietly to complete the task i didn't finish it though because I was busy doing something else.
 This is the place that they found.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Dmic problems

Here is my Dmic problems that I worked on with Kolapa Madi and Norah-Jade. Norah-Jade was the writer and the others [including me] just said ideas. we didn't really get the question so we asked  Ms west and we then understood it and we didn't get it finished but we got most of it done.

Friday, 25 May 2018


There was a man named James and he woke up early to have a race so he got ready and went to the race. When he got there he went in the plane like the other racers and the starter person said “on your marks get set…. Go” and the blast into the sky.  In the race they were over taking James but luckily James sped up and took the lead but racer 4 bumped him and James spun out of control he turned and hit him back and as all the racers were zooming across the track there were airplanes in the sky so they went lift right up down until there were no more airplanes in the sky. The fuel was going low the engine was roaring and the rugged wheels were burning all of the racers were hoping for victory but as they got further the bursted out a flame of anger as they saw clouds and birds so they dodged the birds and they were looking for the right way as they nearly got lost in the misty clouds. They were going for the finish line as James engine broke down and he fell down all the planes were approaching the finish line and surprisingly he landed safely in the finish line and the other racers came after him and as they were stomping their feet and being steamy like sore losers James said something that made them feel better he said “getting there isn't what matters it's the journey” and he went home.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Respect words

we were told to think of words that include respect and 
this is what I thought. 


Wednesday, 11 April 2018


This is my respect animation to convince people to pick up rubbish

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Fia Fia padlet

Made with Padlet
today we were learning about fia fia and this is what we leanrt

Monday, 19 March 2018

Musical fractions


On Wednesday year 5\6 camp started and we were all split up into groups and the groups were pollution police, green machine, tumeke to clean, klean krushers, trash bashers and last but not least rapid recyclers. At the first day of camp pollution police & green machine played killer zone the objective of the game is that you need to play lots of mini games in it and then put up the flag and the first group to put up the flag wins. After that we went in to the big tent to have our morning tea and then our group was called in to do slip n slide. When we got there we got to run and slide onto the wet and soapy slide, and it was lots of fun. We went to the big tent and had our lunch and next the pollution police was called to play some fun inside games. After that we had dinner and then brushed our teeth and Watched the captain underpants movie. Secondly we went toilet said a pray and went to sleep. On the second day we had breakfast brushed our teeth and did soccer on bikes!!!!! And went kayaking. Next we had lunch and played for a while and then did our concert practice and did the actual concert . when the dances was finished the pollution police group won. The next day we packed our stuff went on the bus and went to the pools and after a few hours later we went back to pt England school and went home.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Dictation race

Today we were doing a dictation race I had a Chromebook and Heimata told me the things on the tv and this is what she told me. (Today was meant to be the day picnic!  Sadly it was raining today which meant we couldn't go Ms West had packed her hat sunblock and towel. Hopefully we will get to go to the picnic later in the term as it is nice to go swimming and enjoy the sun at our very own beach) out of this.

Friday, 23 February 2018


Today I will show you what respect means and how to use it. Respect is a big word based on all the various ways to use it. Respect can be made by caring for the environment like picking up rubbish. Respect can also be made by using a simple greeting like “good morning” because even though it may sound small but just so you know little can be huge. Not using respect can make big consequences like if you don't pick up rubbish or throwing it on the ground the earth could be polluted and die.

2018 writing

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

About me

Hello and Talofa lava. My name is Austin and i’m 8 years old and i’m a year 5. I am in room ten with my teacher Miss west. I have fun hanging out with my family or playing mini golf with them ……. I’m incredibly good at it. I do lots of sports like swimming, touch and rugby. I've played rugby for 3, 4 or 5 years and I also do coding. at coding there’s these little coding games called edmo and code monkey. It helps us learn to code. The reason why I wanted to sign up was because I wanted to build a robot when I’m older. I don't like hurting people because I’m more of a nice person. I like people knowing myself so I want to tell you a story that happened

I was on a playground and there was this mean tall kid that was bullying a smaller kid and I told him to stop and he ran away. I found him again but then he punched my face it was worth it and it didn't hurt that much really. After that my friend Sione helped me find him again and we put him on detention.