Monday, 18 June 2018

Friday, 15 June 2018

Fia fia recount

On Thursday at 5:30 the hole school was going to have Fia fia in the field and everybody was excited to perform. First we went to our group classes to get changed into to our performance cloths then we all lined up and went to the Fia fia. Well we followed the bright yellow line we went on the super big mat and waited for our turn in the cold windy outside well watching the other performance. Later on it started raining but Mr Burt kept on because he knew we were tough but some people got really cold and other people were wearing blankets and sharing. After minutes of waiting waiting it was finally our turn and we went into the waiting line thingy, I was so nervous but also I was excited as soon as I knew it it was our turn and as I got I heard so much cheering that made me feel less nervous. As the music started we all started dancing and I was feeling so sweaty while we were dancing and when our performance ended I was relieved and the I went to the hall and went back home.

My sky high crossword

this is my sky high crossword and the words are from my book you can do it by either dragging it off my blog and put it on your comp or do it on a piece of paper.

Matariki day

On Friday the whole pt England was going into different classes to do fun Matariki activities to celebrate matariki. First we had assembly to talk about the cool stuff of Matariki and to do the regular stuff that we do in a normal assembly, also Mr Burt told us what would be different that day. When we got back Ms West told which class we go into and I went into room 18 with Deejay and some other kids from different classes. When we got there we started coloring in these paper feathers but we had to stop because it was morning tea. When morning tea finished we finished off our feathers we then made these pattern mats and as soon as I finished it was lunch time. After lunch time we then showed all the cool stuff that we made on the stage and then we went home.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

40 Hour Famine

Last Friday night at 6:30 at Pt England school the Extension people, myself and some other people went to the 40 hour famine sleepover. We played lots of fun games and we watched a movie. It was kind of hard because the only things that we could eat was barley sugars, just juice and water but besides that it was a lot of fun.