Thursday, 18 October 2018


 On subtraction I kinda found it easy until the gold question.

My recount when I felt scared

Four years ago on February my mom took me to my first day of school to learn more and to make new friends also because I finished my preschool but I was so nervous to go so I stalled as much as I could.
  When we got there, we walked up to my class and I was just going back and forth next to the door not ready to go to class, but my mom just opened it and I take two steps in and I was so scared, so my mom told me to introduce myself I said “hi my name is Austin and i'm 5 years old” except I probably said the pronouncing wrong and I said it so shakedly like I was freezing cold. 
The next person that I remember seeing was Tonga he introduced himself to me and it made me feel a bit better about being there then the other students did the same it made me feel really happy. 
Hours later I started to make friends with them like Tonga and Cree-ann and when it was the end of school I ran up to my mom when she was there and said”I had such a great day. 
Now remembering it, it was one of the most rememberable day’s of my life.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Dmic question

 This is our first dmic question for this term and in it Tipelio,Casshius and me worked together as a team and we got it done.  

My animation plan (kinda)

 This is my animation plan

Maths addition

   This is my first maths task for this term

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

My term 4 blog intro

Talofa lava followers on my blog. Todays name for the term is art so we're gonna be learning about art based stuff like we're gonna learn about creating art with detail,shades,frames and multiple lines. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS TERM CAUSE I LOVE ART ITS SO FUN. Mostly cause I find it satisfying and relaxing. Stuff I know about art is because a lot of the time I draw and watch videos that inspire me to draw and help me draw. The things that our going to hold me back are The start of the terms work. I think staying focused could help me. My goals are to stay at the levels where I am and get things done so past things don't hold me back. My teachers could help me to understand the hard stuff. Maybe this term would be a bit easy because the terms topic is interesting to me. This term I feel a bit nervous since it’s the last term but also it’s exciting. 

Thursday, 27 September 2018

dmic 2 (last week) (UPDATE) 3

This task was very similar to the one before because are task was another puzzle deejay was our leader and we went to look for the messages by looking at the first one. all the messages were hidden under spots in an 8 by 8 grid. We followed the first message onto the second onto the second one and then when we got all of them we were wandering what letters to put in order but after some time later we figured it out and the secret message it was RESPECT.It was actually pretty easy besides trying to figure out the message.

 Here's a video explaining what happened and at the end the computer ended for no reason but what the rest I was gonna say was we glued the messages in the book in the order that said respect and then we were done :).
This is the grid. Yes I know it's bad.