Tuesday, 5 February 2019

My About me for 2019

WALT: write about ourselves on the internet in a cyber smart way.

Talofa lava and welcome to 2019 and to my blog. My name is Austin, and i’m in room seven in year six at Pt England school. My teacher this year is Mr Goodwin. I'm pretty sure It’s good to have Mr Goodwin because he can be funny but also serious and when he’s serious I could probably get more work done.

I enjoy playing fun games if it’s either device games ,made up or imaginative and outside wild games. I also enjoy watching action movies,reading and playing or creating Lego things and most importantly hanging out with my family. Sports that I play and love are rugby league and I've been playing this since I was four or five also I love playing it.

Softball I’ve only been playing this for a year but I do quite like it. Swimming, I’ve done this ages ago and I reckon it’s fun to swim. and last but not least touch, I’m pretty sure I was enrolled in this to improve my skills on rugby league. Another thing is that I love being in coding classes I find interesting to learn how to code.
 Task description: For this task wen needed to write about ourselves, like our teacher,our interests, our hobbies, our sports and other stuff all in a cyber smart way.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Animation thing

Hello, lately I have been creating short animations with an app called Flipaclip, you should try it. It's really easy to use, here's some animations I made that I've posted below. It's not hard to find Flipaclip, you just need to search it up on an app store and on it you just need to press the plus button on the screen then pick how many frames you're gonna make a second and then pick what background size and name of the animation. I am still learning so please don't say that it's bad.

My new computer

On Christmas my dad and mom got me my own computer because I had worked hard during the year and won 1st academic award for year 5. We are going to set it up later and when we set it up, I'm going to use it for my coding class, animating and sometimes gaming or watching videos on Youtube.  Sometimes I like listening to the music from games and I really love to watch Kurzgesagt and teded videos with my dad. Please tell me when you had your own first computer?

one-hundred facts about spiders (book)

During the holidays I've been learning facts about spiders on a book by Miles Kelly. I learnt there are 40,000 versions of spiders and female spiders are usually bigger then male spiders. Did you know there is a spider that is the size of my hand, DUN DUN DUUUNNNN, it's called the Goliath bird eating spider, luckily it only lives in caves that are in Asia. A cool fact is spiders don't have tongues or noses! they use there legs to eat and smell. There are a lot of cool, amazing and interesting facts about spiders, so if you are interested in to learn more about them, you could check your local mall and book shops because that's where I found the book.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019


Happy new year everybody!I hope you have a nice new year and have fun while on holiday.  What did you do for new year?. My family celebrated with my two papas and uncle, we had a big family dinner, we watched a family movie and had big conversations together. After they left, I hung out with my dad by eating ice blocks and the two of us played Xbox together until mid night. We had so much fun, my mum told my dad that she could hear us laughing so hard and it made her happy to hear how much fun we were having and enjoying ourselves.