Friday, 23 February 2018


Today I will show you what respect means and how to use it. Respect is a big word based on all the various ways to use it. Respect can be made by caring for the environment like picking up rubbish. Respect can also be made by using a simple greeting like “good morning” because even though it may sound small but just so you know little can be huge. Not using respect can make big consequences like if you don't pick up rubbish or throwing it on the ground the earth could be polluted and die.

2018 writing

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

About me

Hello and Talofa lava. My name is Austin and i’m 8 years old and i’m a year 5. I am in room ten with my teacher Miss west. I have fun hanging out with my family or playing mini golf with them ……. I’m incredibly good at it. I do lots of sports like swimming, touch and rugby. I've played rugby for 3, 4 or 5 years and I also do coding. at coding there’s these little coding games called edmo and code monkey. It helps us learn to code. The reason why I wanted to sign up was because I wanted to build a robot when I’m older. I don't like hurting people because I’m more of a nice person. I like people knowing myself so I want to tell you a story that happened

I was on a playground and there was this mean tall kid that was bullying a smaller kid and I told him to stop and he ran away. I found him again but then he punched my face it was worth it and it didn't hurt that much really. After that my friend Sione helped me find him again and we put him on detention.