Wednesday, 22 March 2017

A work of art

One day the groups Paua and Kina were reading a work of art. It was about when a artist made a piece of art but some body thouht that it was trash and picked it all up like when we watched a movie when some people made a piece of art but the other people destroyed it

Friday, 10 March 2017

weta hotels part 2

.On thursday me and my class went to Omauri creek and we were watching te taio o tamaki at the river talks.

First we sat down on the mat with some other schools and I saw a lady p -retinding  to burn a fake dead lady that has plastic raped on her.

Then we standed up and walked to the other side and there was a man named Tamiki and he was talking about how the river is dirty and we want to help it.

After that we stood  up again and we walked back to were we were then the fake dead lady standed up and the person behind her copyed and then the fake dead lady she was dancing or what ever.

Then we standed up again /:[ and walked to some were else and some tongan people and they were doing a song and then we saw other contry people and after we went tolunch.     

Monday, 6 March 2017

weta hotels remake

First, We put our glasses and the gloves and the protective shoes. Then we cut some bamboo and put the pieces on a table and passed the chance to someone else.After that Mr Vogt drilled a hole in the bamboo sticks put wire hangers through them Then we painted it black ink then we hang in harakeke at Creek

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

creative writing

On one saturday at 1.00day there was a boy named Jack who got a rainbow ice cream with sprinkles and a cone from a pink sparkly ice cream truck.   

When Jack tasted it it was so soft and cold and tasted like three kinds of ice cream.

The three kinds of ice cream it tasted like was goody goody gum drops icsept without the lollies vannila and strawberry.

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