Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

My narrative story.

in a cold arctic place, there lived an ice monster it had ice spikes on it’s back and it’s made out of snow. The monster was good although it was all alone, but One day a soldier discovered this monster and he decided to bring his army and hunt the monster down, but what they didn’t know was that the monster was innocent. Three days after preparing their army they attacked!.

                                         Ph2: the trouble
When the army got there they started shooting the monster the monster looked back and gasped one soldier said ‘’put your hands up you thing” but the ice monster ran away as fast as he could but it wasn’t enough. Soon a soldier had him then he shot, a bullet was heading straight for the monster but then the bullet just froze all of a sudden and the monster soon realized he had ice powers.He made a ice barrier in front of the army so the army couldn’t attack .

                                        Ph3: a new character

The ice monster ran to a place where there were lots of houses. The monster didn’t melt because it was still very cold over there. While the monster was walking a kid named Austin saw the monster Austin asked his mum if he could go outside and his mum said yes so Austin went outside to go see the monster. The monster was frightened from Austin when Austin walked in front of the monster, But suddenly a soldier found the monster and said”hands up!” the monster ran away

and Austin followed him but the kid and the monster but then a soldier went crazy and launched a nuclear missile.

                                           Ph:4 fixing the problem
His leader fired him because he was crazy, but  the ice monster made a proud decision. he used his ice powers to fly and he got into space and  froze the nuclear missile but sadly since he’s in space he froze with it. Austin really missed the ice monster, But, one day something fell from the sky and there was a monster inside. Austin said”could it be…….. ice monster.

My drawing

This is a picture with Bumblebee trapped, soon after he broke out and now and Sound-wave are going to have a fight.

Next we have the Kakamoa's leader from Moana, he is very angry.

Here is my first attempt at drawing him.

 Epic fail...
As you can see, here is a failed Kakamoa,
Why? because I made a mistake with the bottom part of the drawing.


My drawing below was a creature I created. I don't have a name for him yet, can you help me think of one? He is kind of like a dragon except he's small and doesn't have any wings. He's also very fast at crawling. Please comment to see if I can fix that Kakamoa or give that creature a name.

Friday, 3 November 2017

My mihi

This is my Mihi with my group. you may see Aaliyah help me because I dont know my Mihi off by heart

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Mr wolf paragraph

First we went outside to play mr wolf what's the time. Mr moran was the wolf and Siveanah was the person who says “what's the time mr wolf and if you've never played it's a game where you have to move and touch the person but if they turn back you can't move and if you do you have to go back but the person who touches the wolf is the winner.. As we went outside we lined up and went forward but then mr moran looked back and lots of people went out and soon I got out because mr moran said I was moving my arms but I didn't think I did. Finally Jane touched Mr Moran and we went back to class.