Friday, 16 September 2016

My Duffy books

My Duffy books one of them are named boy vs beast/ninjago thanks Duffy 

Usain bolt

Usain bolt grew up in a village in Jamaica. His family was poor Usain bolt was always ina hurry. On lunch time at  school Usain bolt forgot his lunch but there was a coach he said’ you can have my lunch if you can beat him and he did if you want to run faster you got to take it seriously. When Usain bolt was an adult he won hundreds of games in the Olympics but one day before the race he felt nervous. His mum came and Usain bolt said’ what if I don't win. His mum told him not to be worried. Usain bolt got up. He was getting ready for the race and ran as fast as he could and won!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Olympic winners

The difference of modern Olympics and ancient Olympics when they win in the ancient Olympics they give olive tree branch crowns and modern Olympics they give out medals/gold silver and bronze.

Easy math activity

Here is my explain everything activitie of multiply

Friday, 2 September 2016

Ben Jhonson

It was the 1988 Seoul Olympics the 100Mr finals. Everyone's eyes were on to men. Carl liwis and Ben Jhonson. It was like a good guy bad guy rivalry. Ben Jhonson  didn't look human and then the race started. Ben Jhonson was already halfway to the finish line. And before you knew it he won!!!!!. He won the gold medal and Brock the world record. But Ben Jhonson was caught taking drugs. His punishment was they stripped off his medal and was banned from Olympic sports for life.

Calling all riders

Here's my worksheet of calling all riders