Friday, 26 May 2017


shaking it he winds were making the shaking rustling coconut trees blow through the cold winter breeze.The tall shaking grass fearing the shocked people. Hiding behind the long coconut tree waiting for them to be eaten alive .

In the distance the people were screaming in fear running from the ferocious growling Taniwa roaring against the frightened people. The Taniwha had a long back spiky spine tail to whack his enemies.
He had claws sharp as knives so he can cut through skin .   

Thursday, 25 May 2017

silent reading summary 3

first well I was reading I was reading about samurais. It said that Honor was more important than winning for the samurai of Japan. these warriors came from noble families and preferred to challenge people of equal rank in one to one combat. Sometimes the disgrace of losing was to great that the loser killed himself    

Friday, 12 May 2017


One day when there were no stars in the world. It was really dark at night time so people could not

In the deep sea there was an Taniwha. The  Taniwha stayed up at night time and goes to sleep at day.

When it was day time there was a boy named Tamarereti. He felt hungry so he decided to go fishing.

While he was fishing he caught three yummy fish. There was a problem. The wind stopped but  Tamarereti was smart so he decided to go to sleep
cause he thought the wind would come back.

A couple of hours later Tamerereti woke up and he saw that his boat beached it’s self. But Tamarereti was still hungry.

He was sooooo hungry so he made a fire and cooked his fish but he did'nt know how to get home because it was really dark. Luckily he saw some shiny pebbles at the corner of his eye.

He threw the shiny pebbles in the waka. Then he  went to set sail.  

Well he was in his waka he threw the pebbles in the sky so he can see his way home.

Tamarereti has now made the sky brighter at night time and he made sailing at night safer.

Mauri village

as we walk through the path way I see people. Some of them are cooking some of them were eating and there is an old man who has gray hair that is holding a crying baby that's in a blanket. I move on and I saw a tiny house it kind of looked like a hut thou. Then I turned around and saw even more people it looked like they were listening to a lady playing the flute. After I walked forward and at the
corner of my eye I saw a pathway that led to another house it was hard to see though because it was so far away.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

silent Reading Sumary 2

When I was reading i was on page 20 and 21 Medieval Knights and there were some facts about them like when there fighting another knight they could use there cross bow to shoot through his armour and most of the Medieval knights favourite weapons were the mace and the lance and then when I went on the second page and it showed one of my favourite warriors the Samurai but sadly I didn't get to read any thing about it 

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

silent reading summary

for silent reading this term I am reading my new Duffy book is called (the greatest warriors in history) when I first started reading I was reading about Spartans. I saw that it said Alexander the great is the leader of the Spartans it actuality didn't say that but I just new. it and it also said the Romans made a protective shield wall  that held there shield up and some down. it also said that they launched catapults of rocks to break big walls of concrete and then I was reading about Vikings. it showed a picture of a Viking but it kind of looked like a Spartan.