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My narrative story.

in a cold arctic place, there lived an ice monster it had ice spikes on it’s back and it’s made out of snow. The monster was good although it was all alone, but One day a soldier discovered this monster and he decided to bring his army and hunt the monster down, but what they didn’t know was that the monster was innocent. Three days after preparing their army they attacked!.

                                         Ph2: the trouble
When the army got there they started shooting the monster the monster looked back and gasped one soldier said ‘’put your hands up you thing” but the ice monster ran away as fast as he could but it wasn’t enough. Soon a soldier had him then he shot, a bullet was heading straight for the monster but then the bullet just froze all of a sudden and the monster soon realized he had ice powers.He made a ice barrier in front of the army so the army couldn’t attack .

                                        Ph3: a new character

The ice monster ran to a place where there were lots of houses. The monster didn’t melt because it was still very cold over there. While the monster was walking a kid named Austin saw the monster Austin asked his mum if he could go outside and his mum said yes so Austin went outside to go see the monster. The monster was frightened from Austin when Austin walked in front of the monster, But suddenly a soldier found the monster and said”hands up!” the monster ran away

and Austin followed him but the kid and the monster but then a soldier went crazy and launched a nuclear missile.

                                           Ph:4 fixing the problem
His leader fired him because he was crazy, but  the ice monster made a proud decision. he used his ice powers to fly and he got into space and  froze the nuclear missile but sadly since he’s in space he froze with it. Austin really missed the ice monster, But, one day something fell from the sky and there was a monster inside. Austin said”could it be…….. ice monster.

My drawing

This is a picture with Bumblebee trapped, soon after he broke out and now and Sound-wave are going to have a fight.

Next we have the Kakamoa's leader from Moana, he is very angry.

Here is my first attempt at drawing him.

 Epic fail...
As you can see, here is a failed Kakamoa,
Why? because I made a mistake with the bottom part of the drawing.


My drawing below was a creature I created. I don't have a name for him yet, can you help me think of one? He is kind of like a dragon except he's small and doesn't have any wings. He's also very fast at crawling. Please comment to see if I can fix that Kakamoa or give that creature a name.

Friday, 3 November 2017

My mihi

This is my Mihi with my group. you may see Aaliyah help me because I dont know my Mihi off by heart

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Mr wolf paragraph

First we went outside to play mr wolf what's the time. Mr moran was the wolf and Siveanah was the person who says “what's the time mr wolf and if you've never played it's a game where you have to move and touch the person but if they turn back you can't move and if you do you have to go back but the person who touches the wolf is the winner.. As we went outside we lined up and went forward but then mr moran looked back and lots of people went out and soon I got out because mr moran said I was moving my arms but I didn't think I did. Finally Jane touched Mr Moran and we went back to class.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Sprint track recount

First we lined up silently outside. We walked until the lined up quietly and stealthily then sat down because we couldn't let any classroom notice. As we sat down our teachers explained the things that we needed to do.

It felt That the wind screamed to a freezing temperature. Luckily I was wearing a jumper. But when mr moran was finished explaining the stuff the started.

First was the first group of girls went and the top 4 got to stay but the others didn’t. Next was the second group of girls. When it was my group's turn to race My heart was pounding at the speed of light.

The grass was so wet it was as if it was a hailstorm and the ice cubes melted into the grass we raced and At the end  the final top 4 people didn’t sprint they had to run like a crab but annoyingly. mr moran ruined it by going into that race and won. Finally we walked sensibly and silently back to class.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

My new reading book SCREAM chapter one mad woman.

Chapter 1 madwoman. there is a boy named Josh and he lives in axe falls it is filled of mysteries and when his friend comes over a horrible accident happens ...........   try to guess what happrens in chapter two.

Friday, 20 October 2017

My coding certificate.

This is my certificate four an hour of code. Sorry that it was sideways.



Today we are learning what fractions are and why they are important

Immersion assembly

On the first back at school I was glad to back at school and I was really excited. When I went in class the bell rang so I put my bag on a chair and put my shoes on to line up for assembly. As we walked sensibly into the assembly we sat down and Mr Burt sang a song called musical madness saves the day, when that finished he said the theme for this term was musical madness.

Soon they showed our team movies they showed the first movie which was year ones movie, it showed them playing snap! And well they were playing, music was playing too, and they showed the expressions

of the music. After was year twos movie which had ms Shamanic singing (in the Jungle) and then the other teachers of year 2 came. Next was year 3s movie was also year 4s it showed the year 3 teachers coming in room 13 and they were talking with music in the background instead of talking most of the time  and mr moran the year four teacher was doing the same
Thing. Soon was year 5s movie was the year five teachers in a car listening to music. Finally was year 6s movie which had the
Year 6 teachers watching  the lion king but in music. When all of the movies finished we got to go to our classroom.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Making mini torches.

Today when morning tea finished I got to go to creative space. When I got there we sat down and there were people in there to teach us. we learnt stuff about electricity. After that we got to MAKE MINI TORCHES!!! it was simple. Soon we got to make noises by sticking wires in Playdoh. and I want to say thank you OMG Tech for teaching us this.

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Magic number

Dragon knight chapter 7

Chapter 7 Joust what Brin needed, As they finished getting ready they Jousted. Well they were Jousting Brin noticed that Percy was aiming for the head but Brin stayed focus and the hit Percy right in the shoulder but luckily stayed on his horse. on round two Percy was aiming for the horse this time and brin didn't notice and sadly fell off.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Dragon Knight chapter 6

After training was finished there was only two remaining left Brin and Percy sir tain had than said'' I recommended a battle and the winner will be my squire for a week plus will get personal training from me and finally a dragon hunt and know get a proper horse'' Brin picked a horse and then both of them were finished.

Friday, 8 September 2017

season dictation

seasons are caused by the Earth's changing position, The Earth travels around the sun because the orbit is near. As the Earth orbits the Sun. The amount of sunlight each place off the planet every day change causes the season. We divide the air into four seasons summer,autumn,winter and spring lying in between the seasons have a lot of impact of what happens for the Earth.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

cross country run

As I stood at the starting line, waiting for Mr. Burt to yell “Go,”  I felt as if my heart was pumping as fast as lighting. I challenged myself to come tenth place or under. I felt very nervous but I also felt proud of myself.  If I came first second or third I just wouldn’t know what to say but I know I would be very proud of myself.

Monday, 4 September 2017

my rocket ship activity

My rocketship looks like a robot because I like robots.

The thrusters are it’s legs and when it’s on he blasts off and his legs boost out a flare of fire. The shuttle is it’s head with his cute face and it’s beepers on his head and because of that I name him Beeber. My rocketships special power is that it’s lights on it’s head beeps and calls in the Death Star and Darth Vader. It also has another power when it makes me KFC.

As I start to board my ship arms come out of it and it starts to lift me up. It takes me up to the shuttle of its head. The head opens up and gives me my iron spiked medium astronaut suit and then I go in ready for take off and his legs start to boost out bursts of flames and it slowly rises up and then BLAST OFF.

As I drift off into space I head on to Mars and see if there is still a chance of life. As I slowly lower down to Mars I come out of my rocket ship. The first thing I see is this enormous mountain and I knew it was called Olympus Mons and people say it is bigger than mount everest. As I walk I sadly see no chance of life so I head on back to my rocket ship. As I shoot off back into space all of these asteroids run at me. I luckily and thankfully dodge them all, as I head on I see the humongous gas giant itself Jupiter, I've heard about it’s ginormous storms and especially the Great Red Spot so I just turn and continue with my great space adventure.  

Friday, 1 September 2017

the sun and other inventions activity



cool facts about a hot place activity

Stardome trip

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Dragon Knight chapter 5

chapter 5 a sir tain victory as they were ready for Jousting class sir tain demonstrated and when he finished he had an easy defeat to his opponent.  When the trainers had a go it was as if they didn't learn any thing at all  

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Dragon Knight chapter 4

They were getting ready for Jousting and then came there leader sir tain came and then they were ready for Jousting

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measurement activity

this is my measurement activity with my partner Valessa and we just finished doing our measurement