Friday, 24 February 2017

day at the beach

One day me and my parents and cousin went to the beach. On the weekend me and my cousin were building a sand castle and we found lots of shells. Then we went in the water and  we were splashing water at each other and we were riding the waves on our body boards then we had a brake from the water and had some chips.  Then we went to dry off and then we went to the playground and had some ice cream. :]

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

the creek

Omaru Creek

Last friday I went to the creek. first room 11 lined up in 2 groups then we walked to the gate were the creek is when we got there.

I saw lots of stuff like empty bottles,  some rubbish waste plastic bag
ducks sewage pipe and bird poop paper.

I think you should look after the creek and not throw rubbish in it.

You should be carful of what you put in the toilet because  it blocked the pipe that drains the dirty water I think thats what I think  it has to do  with the envirment.