Thursday, 5 July 2018

My term two extension refliction

This term we have been doing lots of research and lots of movie making and most of all we had lots of fun. At the stars of the term we were put into to groups I was in the future creators with toby and Amira, I looked on future fuels toby looked on future aircraft Amira looked at future sea and land transport. A few weeks later we got to go to the museum!!!!, when we got over there we got look at some really cool stuff and we also got to make stuff to but sadly my mum had to pick me up early because of something important. When I got back to extension I looked at the types of fuels there are and putting up pictures of future fuels. Well I was nearly finished it m’s Lagitupu gave us a new task the talanoa project, when we got into groups we started making our movies and when we finished making it I put that on my blog and before that I went to the forty hour famine. After I finished everything I started doing what i'm doing right now.

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