Friday, 18 June 2021

Why does matter matter? (Proof reading thing)

 Why does Matter Matter?

By Austin and Rae Jae

  1. The three basic properties of matter are Solid, Liquid and Gas. Check

  1. All matter is made up of tiny particles called atoms (which are made of quarks). Check

  1. Volume is the amount of space that matter takes up. Check

  1. Mass is the amount of matter an object has.Check

  1. Liquids take the shape of their containers. Check

  1. Gases do not have a definite shape or volume. Check

  1. Liquid does not have a definite shape, but they do have a definite volume. Check

  1. Solid Matter has definite shape and volume. Check

  1. A chair and Ice are examples of solids. Check

  1. Juices and milk are examples of liquid. Check

  1. Helium and oxygen are examples of gas. Check

  1. Solid Ice is melting when it is changing into a liquid.Check

Monday, 14 June 2021

The Great Colosseum

 Roman Colosseum - Information Report:

Colosseum Tour & Ancient Rome Tour | Through Eternity

In more ancient times of Roman, The Colosseum shone with glory, warriors clashed against beasts and combatants, thousands of viewers glared at the battle scene each day, so why is it in the state it is today?

The History:

The Colosseum was built between 72 AD and 80 AD, The Colosseum consists of stone and concrete. The Colosseum was able to seat roughly fifty thousand people at a time and was originally called Flavian Amphitheatre, however, it’s now known as The Colosseum. It was constructed by tens of thousands of Jewish slaves under the rule of the Emperor Vespaisen, but Vespaisen had died before the construction of The Colosseum was finished, so it was opened by the Emperor’s son, Titus.

The Battles:

New7Wonders on Twitter: "The #Colosseum, home of Rome's gladiator games, is  one of the #New7Wonders of the World"

The battles inside of the Colosseum were mainly used for gladiatorial contests and the gladiators used them for animal hunts, executions, reenactments of famous battles, and dramas based on Roman Mythology, and stories. One of the tournaments lasted one-hundred days. In the Colosseum, though gladiators didn’t always battle to the death, quoted by experts “roughly four-hundred-thousand warriors had died fighting for glory.”  

The Modern Day Perception:

Colosseum Facts - Colosseum Rome Tickets

The Colosseum is famous because it’s origin featured gladiator battles that took place during roman empires. Moreover, (Dion Cassius) claimed that nine-thousand wild creatures were slaughtered in the one-hundred days of celebration which inaugurated the amphitheatre. The Colosseum was damaged by the great earthquake of 1349 and had broken half of its stadium. The Colosseum has gained a large amount of popularity in the Modern Day, especially after Ridley Scott’s Gladiator.


The Roman Colosseum is still a great influence to this day, and has amazed historians around the world, and though it’s in bad condition, it shall survive for thousands more years to fascinate millions of people.

Made by Rae Jae, Aaron and Me, so go visit their blogs! :D

Friday, 11 June 2021

Conflict Types (The Jacket)

In "The Jacket" two types of conflict have taken place in the story. Physical/Opposing conflict conducted in the scenario that Phil had been put into the principle's office. After the conflict, Phil is met with internal conflict as he doubts himself whether he is prejudicial or not.